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Hi, My name is Mateusz Radke. I'm almost 30. I come from Poland. In so short a life, I was able to get a higher education. Obtaining the title of a higher technical college Master of Electrical Engineering. Moreover, I managed learn some languages: English, German and Polish (Polish is the hardest ). In addition, for several years, my hobby is programming in different programming languages. More information below, and if something is not there then please email or call me.
  • Education: University of Technology Szczecin
    Title: Master of Science Electrical Engineering

  • Programmer experience: For several years working as a freelancer.
    Additionally working as a programmer in a private company in Poland.

  • Completed courses in programming: Java, Android, C#, C++, PHP, Laravel, Java Script, Node.js, Angular 2, SQL, MongoDB, GIT.

  • Electrician experience: Starting rail vehicles

What They Say


  • PHP / SQL
    90% Complete (success)
  • HTML / CSS
    95% Complete
  • Java Script
    80% Complete (warning)
  • Node.js
    80% Complete (danger)
  • GIT
    95% Complete (success)
  • Mongo DB
    80% Complete
  • Java / Android
    60% Complete (warning)
  • C# / C++
    50% Complete (danger)

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I answer to all messages, answering phones, and even calls back.


ul. Księcia Warcisława 25A/5, 71-667 Szczecin